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What Is Electro Homoeopathy?


This term is derived from three words


ELECTRO comes from the electro bio-energy content extracted from plants and the way that energy is extracted and made into remedies.

“Electro”  does not mean treatment from an electrical current.

The force of electro bio-energy connects itself to any disturbance within the body and expels it from the system.  It thereby restores the organic tissues and nervous system to their proper balanced state of health.


HOMOEO refers to the equilibrium or balance between the blood and lymphatic systems and works towards “Homoeostasis” which is the correct physical and chemical consistency of the body’s cells.  This ensures that each and every cell interrelates as it should so that the body functions at its best.


PATHY basically means a system of treatment.  In short, Electro Homoeopathy is the system of natural medicines, made exclusively from plant extracts, by which a healthy balance is achieved and maintained throughout the whole body.


Electro Homoeopathy has four fundamental laws







“Complexa Complexis Curantur”

The body is a complex organism and therefore requires complex remedies.  So, when disease occurs in the body more than one part becomes involved.  For example, the common cold virus will not only make you sneeze, but will also give you headaches, a fever, a sore throat, etc. Diseases can produce many symptoms. Therefore, complex medicine is required to work on the complex disease.  Hence, “Complexa Complexis Curantur”, a complex illness needs a complex cure.


Who Discovered Electro Homoeopathy?

The practice of Homoeopathy (literally, “Treatment of the same”) originally grew in the late 18th century from the workings of the German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann.  However, it was the Italian Noble, Count Cesar Mattei who founded true Electro Homoeopathy in the latter part of the 19th century in Bologna, Italy.   Being strongly influenced by the philosopher Paulo Costa, Count Mattei was motivated to devote his time and wealth to the service of humanity.  He built on Hahnemann’s work, but he focused on preparing remedies extracted exclusively from plants. He called these remedies Electro Homoeopathic medicines. He called these remedies electro homoeopathic medicines on own his experiments of 30 years which show in his plants extract as vegetable electricity.


Later on this system was further developed by mattei adherent Theodore Krauss who have given the manufacturing method known as Krauss method (also mention in German Pharmacopoeia HAB) for making electro homeopathic remedies. He also added 22 more remedies in mattei rest of remedies which was 38. This system became electro complex homeopathy in his life time worldwide.


Electro Homeopathic Remedies —How Do They Work?

They work on the principle that diseased organisms are far more sensitive than healthy organisms.  Much like the area of skin around a cut or a graze is more sore and tender than its surrounding areas.  A remedy is never given to just remove the symptoms from the body, but to work wholly on the disease and remove its cause.  It therefore works on the body as a whole

Each remedy is derived from the active enzymes of several plants.  When you take this complex remedy it completely covers and controls the body.  It will then move through the body via the blood and lymphatic systems and target only those areas that require it.  Once the diseased part is sufficiently saturated with the remedy, it stops absorbing it.  When all the parts of the body have been healed and a healthy balance restored, the medicine itself is no longer absorbed.  Therefore, there are absolutely no risks of over-dosing, side effects or drug dependency.

Electro Homoeopathic remedies purify the lymph and blood systems and can find and destroy the gravest of disorders.  They can also help prevent disease by keeping the body pure and giving it a healthy balance.


Where this electro homeopathy available?

This method of treatment is widely practiced in India, other Asian countries, as well as in the UK, Germany, Franch and USA.